National Report Card

The Challenge

A national agency created-program to evaluate the education progress of elementary, middle, and high school students across the nation in key learning areas. This site is essentially a web application where users are asked to report data on students and their performance at different intervals over an academic year.

  1. Why and where are users struggling with the tasks on this site?
  2. How do I help them be successful?

My Process

Flow chart of my process

User Journey Maps

Example of user journey map

I created user journey maps in order to have a clear left-to-right view of their engagement arc with the web app. User touchpoints with the site were spread throughout an academic year and fluctuated between sporadic and frequent. These assets were particularly beneficial because they were a touchpoint as we developed the content strategy and UX for each phase of the journey.

Key User Concerns

  • Lack of familiarity with the site. Few repeat users from year to year.
  • Tech insecurity. Users, already experiencing insecurity around technology, were frustrated and confused.

Annotated Wireframes

Wireframe for Site Orientation
Wireframe for Prior to Assessment landing
Wireframe for Prior to Assessment video
Wireframe for Prior to Assessment, Update Student List
Wireframe for Prior to Assessment, Add New or Missing Students
Wireframe for Prior to Assessment, Match Students
Wireframe for Representative Workflow

I chose to provide a set of medium-fidelity wireframes that include examples of tone and voice, recommended content length, a color language, annotations, and other design elements. Please note, the copy, colors, and typography are not final or part of a branding or content strategy; they are meant to be examples that are inline with our recommendations.

I provided the team that administrates the site a robust documentation set (see below) that included three key UX areas to target —task wayfinding, content strategy, and contextual help—and a road map for implementation. Additionally, I provided a set of design patterns such as form workflows, navigation best practices, reward language, and many others for them to implement through out their properties and collateral.

Recommendations & Final Documentation

UX Audit & Recommendations, table of contents
UX Audit & Recommendations, task wayfinding, implementation
UX Audit & Recommendations, task wayfinding, areas to consider

I provided 40+ pages of documentation with examples, best practices, roadmaps, implementation guidelines, design patterns, 508 compliance and accessibility recommendations, and many additional avenues to consider alongside a helpful asset set of formalized wireframes, content strategy, user journey maps, interview recordings (audio and visual), brand strategy, and short-term UI workflows and comps.