I’m Elizabeth Miller and I’m an art director, senior UX designer, and front-end developer working in lovely, sunny Portland, Oregon.

I maintain a strong, formal design sensibility alongside a love for how things are built, how we manage that process, and how we keep it all centered on the user.

As user experience matures, users are less enticed by feature-centric products: they seek value and a higher quality experience. We need to consider outcome (worth) at the same time as output (performance).

Embracing this shift requires a rethinking and retooling of the development and design philosophies. It requires the features we provide to not only be vetted, stable, and quickly available, but also to be informative, entertaining, and meaningful.

My Process: Empathize & Iterate

  1. Identify objectives
  2. Identify users
  3. Make a plan
  4. Gather data
  5. Integrate learnings
  6. Choose a direction
  7. Build
  8. Test
  • *Iterate through steps 5-8 as needed.


  • adobe
  • sketch/ux pin/adobe xd
  • sublime
  • bootstrap
  • jekyll
  • git
  • sass/less
  • gitlab/github
  • drupal/wordpress
  • angular/react
  • gulp/grunt/rake + node.js
  • kanban